Dear concerned readers, a pause in my writing does not signal a pause in my thinking.  I always have something to say.  I never wanted politics to dominate my blog but with the current state of affairs in my old country, the U.S., how could it be otherwise?  I’m sorry.  See, I’m a true Canadian.  I’m sorry, but I can only try not to let the presidential nightmare dominate my otherwise worthwhile blog.  This time, however, I just couldn’t help myself.  Please forgive me!

Like any other bully trying to put others down so that he can feel better about himself, Donald Trump has long been in the habit of name-calling. It is a juvenile strategy for gaining the upper hand on an opponent. I never thought it would work for more than a small, handful of voters. Surely, thinking people would see through the shallowness of such behaviour and they would summarily reject a person prone to using such infantile tactics.

I was wrong. At least, it appears that I was wrong. Maybe the U.S. needs to double check their vote-tallying machines in the future with an actual, takes-weeks-to-count, paper-ballot vote to corroborate whatever the Russians say the outcome of the U.S. election was.

Even though I am loathe to stoop to Trump’s level, I am eager to show those who can be so easily influenced by such tactics that when it comes to name-calling, Trump, himself, lives in a very fragile house, even if he does try to keep it opaque. Think of it. His name is Trump! Okay, okay, trump is good in cards. Trump is all powerful. Trump also rhymes with so many other words.

He pronounced his “Lyin’ Ted,” his “Little Marco,” his “Crooked Hillary,” among others. What names might they all have used against him to influence the hard-of-thinking?

Trump. Rhymes with Dump, Frump, Grump, Rump, Bump, Hump, Jump, Lump, Mump, Sump-Pump, Thump. Then there are close rhymes too. Grumble, Tumble, Dumb Bell, Crumble. None of them seem terribly attractive when used as adjectives or verbs paired with Trump. That was easy. Trump the __ump. Or __umpy Trump. See? Easy.

Since he has actually been in office for a while now and everyone who is not wearing front-covering blinders can see that the Emperor is indeed wearing no clothes at all, other names might be conjured to impart his known qualities.


He could be their Trump Pet for example. That would be a suitable name for the naked Emperor. I think he’d enjoy being ‘trumpeted’ in as the nation’s ‘Trump Pet,’ a big orange mascot the likes of which have often been seen at professional team sports events. “Here he is folks, our one, our only, Mara-Lago Trump Pet, the Great Orange Don himself, Trumpinocchio!” Da-tada-DAA!


But no, that would only enhance him, probably ‘build his base,’ as is said among pundits. His supporters seem to glory in that simple-minded stuff. They’re unable to discern the difference between satire as humour and behavioural recommendations, or between entertainment and reality, hence much of Trump’s base proudly goes around acting like Homer Simpson or some evil wrestler from WWE.

Let’s see, since Trump is known to lie, cheat , steal, backstab, front stab, delude himself, intentionally mislead others, demean almost everyone, since he exhibits racist hatred, issues bigoted executive orders against people who are not like him, it seems that there are almost too many negative qualities for any one name to cover.

In time, I have no doubt that the name Trump, rather than signalling something grand and powerful, will impart a meaning of something that is rotten and despicable. I can picture in the future saying things like, “Yeech! That rotting garbage in your bin smells trumpy! Phew!”

NMonP7   “What the bleep is that trumpy stink?”

Or maybe it will be a dissatisfied customer dealing with a crooked or uncaring “Customer Service Representative,” and saying, “What are you trying to do, trump me or something?” Or a child saying, “Mommy, I’m scared!  I just saw a trump scamper down the sewer!”


Or the new card game where, trump is not known until part way through the game. Then, once trump is known, it counts for the least value and card players will say in dismay, “Oh no! I’ve got three worthless trumps in hand! Well, all that was a waste of time!”

I feared the worst when I awoke to discover what the Americans were accepting as truth on November 9, 2016. As Trump’s tower of image grandness continues to crumble from having been built on rotten foundations, I fear even more. War! War will put the nay-sayers in his corner. Americans have a history of backing their president, “Right or wrong,” as the saying used to go under Johnson and Nixon. War would get all the little people, all his righteous ‘trumpeteers’ behind him again!  Not only that!  In the presence of all-out war, how would the U.S. ever be able to conduct a reliable election again?  Awww!  Guess the Trumpmeister would just have to stay in power and his base would support him as the only power that could save the U.S. from uncontrollable democracy.


Watch for it folks! No doubt you’ll be hoping that it might not come to a theatre near you, but don’t count on it. You let the dirty trump in, it’s up to you to keep him from ruining everything in your fine, fine home.