I am not one of those people inclined to grouse about the news media harping on upsetting stories of crime and violence, corruption and malfeasance of all kinds.  I want my news to be bad!  Think it through!  News highlights the exceptional, that which is different than the normal course of things.  That’s the job of the news media.  Moreover, if every good news story were covered, no one would watch the news for long because it would be boring.  We expect people to act decently with one another.  Decency is the norm.  It would make me a little nervous if everything was always so bad that the good news story is what stood out as exceptional.  No.  Keep my news bad please!


Canada’s 150th birthday celebration was a case in point.  Among many other celebrations nationwide, there was a big gathering on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  Happiness, joy, pride, goodwill abounded.

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Lots of celebrities joined our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and family to wish Canada well.  But the news stories were about disappointed people who invested great time, money and effort to attend the ceremonies but were turned away because the rain-sodden grounds could only accommodate a certain number and because the security clearance requirements were unbearable.

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Other news covered the protest of indigenous peoples who had the audacity to set up a tepee on the grounds in protest of more than 150 years of genocidal exploitation and discrimination.  Bad news – it’s not exactly fun and frolic, not fitting with a mood of happy celebration.  But I never expect my news to be different than that.  Yes, we do need to hear what’s gone wrong and what’s going wrong in our world.  Thank you, news folks!  Keep up the good work!

Now, on the morning after our big, Canadian celebration, the only story left on Parliament Hill is the big clean-up and the setting up of yet another big stage show, just for the fun of it and to make good use of such a large commitment of physical resources.  Now, some of our attention will be turned to the U.S. as their annual Independence Day celebration gets underway.  Who knows what may happen?  I’ll watch the news, hoping to hear of minor complaints, not major violence.

Both of our great countries have potential for good as well as ample potential for evil to express its despicable creed.  But today, since I am not one of those reporters charged with the task of digging for news-worthy stories, I offer the following, heart-warming lead for you to follow, if you so wish.  It is a story about a family of Syrian refugees who were invited to come to Canada to start a new life after their livelihood was destroyed in the Syrian war.

Below, I’ll quote Tareq Hadhad directly from his family’s website and offer their website link, the title of which says it all.    https://www.peacebychocolate.ca/


To my American family and friends, I shall close this article with my good wishes for you and your country.  May the Fourth be with you!

For more than 20 years we shipped our specialty treats all over the Middle East to countries like Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon.

Like much of our homeland, the Hadhad chocolate factory was destroyed in a bombing that forced our family to leave everything behind and flee to Lebanon.
For three years we found our home in a refugee camp with little opportunity or hope. Our lives had been forever altered and we dreamed of returning to the lives we love.

When our family was invited into Canada and became full Canadian citizens our dreams came true. With the support of our new community Antigonish and the people of Nova Scotia we have rebuilt our chocolate company and are once again doing the work we love.