I know some people who have had experiences in life that have gone far beyond anything I’d ever hoped to experience.  I didn’t experience what they experienced because in some cases my feelings were that I simply would not have wanted the experience, in other cases it was just never my priority to have such an experience and in other cases it was a matter of my lack of monetary resources.

There were times in my life that I felt slightly woe-begotten when other kids went off for distant or exotic vacations, went away to “the cottage,” told tales of European adventures they’d had. But as I matured, I realized that their experiences were only different than mine, not necessarily better. As I further matured, I realized that life is truly what you make of it and one way of making the most of it is to appreciate every ounce of what you have that you find enjoyable.

I warn you that some of this is going to seem absolutely bonkers but I’m sharing it with you so that you too might find small things in your life to acknowledge and enjoy. The more you enjoy them, the less ‘small’ they become and before you know it, your life too might be rich with experience.


I don’t know where I was when I first realized that I loved the sound of dishes being handled. As long as there is no sound of the dishes being broken or the sound of a bitter argument over-riding the sound, the sound of china, glass and flatware being gently shuffled as some caring person handles the dishes can be a very soothing sound. I think the enjoyment of such sound came from my youth. Perhaps I was sitting comfortably on my family’s back porch in our row house tenement and the distinct sounds of ceramic, glass and metal eating utensils may have been being set out or picked up or washed in nearby homes. To me, the sound spoke of an underlying constancy that was based on nurturing. I was comforted by the notion of nurturing, and I was comforted by the constancy, the regularity of hearing the sound.


I have expanded that appreciation further into my life to the point where now I even take pleasure in hearing those same sounds as I, myself, empty my dishwasher and put my dishes away! Think of that! Such a simple thing to do. It might have become a dreaded chore if I let my mindset go that way. Instead, it has become something that I enjoy doing and as such, I look forward to doing it! Wow! That really does sound crazy, eh? But no, I’m fine. Really I am.


I’ve extended this awareness of appreciating the underlying beauty of so many things in my life. I don’t just notice a crow cawing on a cold winter morning, Crow or swans flying in ragged formation across a winter’s night-time sky, Spirit in Flight I absorb such experiences. In much the same way that we can all remember where we were and what we were doing when traumatic events happen, I can do that with beautiful events too! Now, tell me I’m crazy!

What seems well, not crazy, but ‘misguided’ to me is living a life in which one is unaware of this possibility, unaware of the potential of the many small beauties that can enhance a life’s experience and make it incredibly rich in the process. Things that come to mind are the smell of freshly brewed coffee, all sunrises, all sunsets, moaning winds, the patter of rain, a train in the distance, snow sparkling fractured rainbows in bright sunlight, the velvet look of enveloping night-time skies. Oh, be sure that my list of joys goes on beyond these things to include a great many more experiences.

My greatest hope is that others might have such experiences too and take the time to experience them fully through acknowledgement and memory, maybe even making some form of art, writing, music in response to their joy. That’s all.