Why would a man write about something that most people couldn’t access in any reasonable manner? I’m doing it because I believe in acknowledging excellence wherever it may be found. And on Easter Weekend, in the fun but unlikely little, eastern Ontario burgh of Calabogie, my girlfriend and I found excellence!

We had driven all day from southwest Ontario, on our way to meet her parents in Renfrew, just a short drive further along from Calabogie. We stopped in Calabogie and found our room at the off-season, Highland Golf Resort in nearby Barryvale. She called to let her parents know that we had arrived safely and made plans to see them in the morning.  A relaxing glass of wine, the experience of a relaxing double jacuzzi, and we were ready to eat, but getting back into the car was almost equally unappealing as eating was appealing.

Calabogie Pizzeria and Ice Cream Bar to the rescue!
My girlfriend got on her phone and made the call. We ordered a medium-sized “Bogie Special.” It comes with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, olives, and bacon for $18.75. We were pretty far away from the pizzeria, but they did include the resort in their delivery area, so we went for it.  It wasn’t delivered on time.  The person answering the phone said “35 minutes.” An hour and ten minutes later, we called again to see why our pizza hadn’t arrived. There’d been a “problem” but we were assured that it would be delivered in about ten minutes.  Okay.  We were in a good mood.  We hoped for the best. 

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!  It was the best!  For any Ottawa resident who could recall the essential goodness of the Bel-Aire Pizza, the “Bogie” is in that league of pizza excellence! Neither of them scrimped on the cheese.  I can remember watching a Bel-Aire pizza artist mound his cheese, cone-shaped, atop the otherwise loaded pizza and letting all the cheese level-out as it melted into a uniform flatness with crispy browned bubbles, even as the underside, the essential crust, toasted and crisped delightfully.  London, Ontario does not have the Calabogie pizzeria’s rival!

I’m only hoping that Calabogie Pizzeria and Ice Cream Bar will forgive my use of their pizza image in this blog posting. My guess is that all will be forgiven if even a few Renfrew residents make their way out to Calabogie some summer evening for a pizza and ice cream.  As much as I enjoyed the pizza, I don’t expect to be hopping in the car to go get another one, and I doubt that they’d consider delivering the 560 km to London.   The best I suppose I might hope for is the opening of a Calabogie satellite pizzeria here in London.  I’ll be watching for it!