Some would say that I’m ‘off my nut,’ to use a favoured British expression of mine. To many people I probably look trim(ish) and healthy(ish). On a comparative basis, I suppose that I am trim(ish) and healthy(ish). But I have long been aware that medical guides to body weights that are good for men of my age and height began regarding my 215 lb. heft as “obese” when I passed the 185 lb. mark! Okay, okay, but what do they know about good living? Right?

I will go on living happily, eating ten-ounce slabs of prime rib, and dressing my baked potato with sour creme, even as I cart around those extra pounds that I can’t seem to shed. I’ll walk vigorously twice a week. I’ll make 40 stair-transits (20 flights up, 20 flights down) on non-walking days for exercise, just to keep my heart pumping and my lungs working. I’ll shovel my walk even though I live in a condo and the yard service would eventually come around and do it for me. I’ll even dance if my young girlfriend is not too embarrassed to be seen with an old man in full-tilt boogie mode.

Because of my recent need to keep myself appealing to the ladies for dating purposes, I’d been trying to lose weight. I think I will keep trying to lose weight. Not because I’m still dating many ladies. I have claimed one woman and she has claimed me. I am happy and she seems to be happy too. But I hope I have learned that if I try to lose weight, I am less likely to gain weight. A flat-line, in weight management for fat-inclined folks like myself, is a good thing.

img_0358   Jake at 215 lbs. (30 lbs over ‘obese’)

Here’s another thing I have learned about weight control. For me (and this is not to be construed as advice of any sort for any other person in this or any other dimension of time and space), for me, some sort of modified fast is the only way I can actually exercise weight control. I call it a ‘modified fast’ because I do not actually fast for long. Sure, there’s the standard overnight fast with only coffee in the morning. If there’s to be breakfast, it will often be late breakfast, mid-morning or beyond. If I’m feeling okay (not hungry) I will even push eating out to lunchtime. That will be my big meal of the day, unless I know I’ll be going out to dinner or providing dinner for a guest. The point is, I allow myself one big meal a day and small-portion, mostly healthy fruit or yogurt snacks otherwise and lots of water.

Result? Flat-line weight management. My weight neither rises nor falls. It stays steady. “Too bad,” I say to Dr. What’s-His-Name, who came by my hospital bedside in 2008, looked at me with keen, medical insight and accurately said, “You could stand to lose about 35 lbs.” I knew he was right, but I say to him, “Too bad!”

Once, when I was 52, I made it down to about 190 lbs. I looked seriously trim. If I had lost another 10 lbs., I would have looked skeletal. So flat-line weight-management is my new credo. But I shall not fast to the point of becoming light-headed. A little hunger feels kinda good. It signals me that my scheme is working. I smile away hunger. But a touch of light-headedness tells me that my body needs sustenance and that is something I should not ignore or else I’d be courting a more serious flat-line.

Wish me luck!