Star date: January 11, 2017

Well, I doubt that is the real ‘star date’ from Star Trek fame. No doubt true trekkies do have an actual star date for today’s date but I do not include myself among the true trekkies who seem capable of mastering such things as star dates and the Klingon language.

No, it was just the regular, normal every day date, but it sounds more like a journal entry introduced that way and effectively this is what it is, a journal entry.

On January 6, some people who are unfortunate enough to be considered to be my close associates, if not exactly friends, received this message from me:
“I hab a code (snuck). It cabe on quigley (smiff). I feyew hot and mishjabew, an I haff a dribby noze (sniff). Evheey buddy schtay-uhway! (snurt). I caww you if I mayg it troo. Ooo, oooo, ah-choo!”

Here on January 11, I feel relatively safe in reporting that I think I’m going to make it through. It was rough there for awhile. Not the cold. The cold was just tiresome and fatiguing. I never even got a sore throat out of the thing. But boy did it ever put a crimp in my eager-to-romance efforts, to say nothing of my eager-to-ski desires. I had to let one small window of opportunity with perfect ski conditions pass by completely unexploited by me. Rats! Fresh snow, just below freezing temps. I was eager, but I finally relented and it turned out it was a good thing I did. During the time that I might have been hanging in the air on a chair lift, I came down with the chills at home instead. Oy! That coulda been ugly.

My head is still not right, as may be evidenced by this attempt at writing, but I do feel that I am on the road to recovery after all.

Speaking of Star Trek, let’s speak of Star Wars for a moment. I’ve always thought that much could be done with the reassuring phrase used often by principals within the Rebel Alliance, “May the force be with you!” I imagined Tee-shirts perhaps being made and sold in Vermont. The image would consist of an ascending series of green shapes. The bottom shape would be intense green and would depict the tops of a coniferous forest. The middle shape would be a more distant, lighter and grayer coniferous forest and the top shape would be a very light green/gray depicting rounded mountaintops. Beneath the bottom shape would be the saying, “May the forest be with you!”

I thought that was pretty good, but Billy Joel, as he was being interviewed on the Stephen Colbert Show gave me another one to work with when he acknowledged that he had been married and divorced three times and had married again. Then he said, “May the fourth be with me!” I suppose Americans might be able to say that same thing to each other leading up to their annual celebration of Independence Day – “May the fourth be with you!”

Enough word play for today. Well just one more thingon, now in Klingon, “QaQjaj jajlIj.”
Bing translate will help you with this.

journalentry3   Have a good day!