Hey!  Help me out here!

The English language, I’ve read, has the biggest vocabulary of any language in the world. It had to happen because just like the Borg of Star Trek fame, English absorbs and assimilates many words from other languages and in these times of rapid techno-scientific developments, the language base is expanding more rapidly than ever.

Here’s the problem with which I need help.

There is no commonly understood word to refer to one’s children who are now adults!

People refer to such beings as, “My grown children, or my adult children.” Some even refer to their (here I go) ‘grown children’ as “kidults,” or even by the scary, emotionally- removed title of “my progeny.” I have even heard a disliked person’s adult offspring referred to as, “his spawn.” Sorry! None of those terms works for me.

So I appeal to readers. Surely there is some term we can come up with to spread like wildfire through social media and plant a brand new word in the English language.


Kidult tries but I just don’t like it. Growndren? Neither of those words sound like they’ll catch on. I dunno. Would one of my growndren like to receive this for Christmas? It might be just a titch better than “kidult,” since the first part of growndren is the part referring to adulthood.  “Kidult” seems the wrong way around.  But ‘growndren’ doesn’t exactly roll off one’s tongue. Maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it. The faster one says it, the better it sounds. Growdren? Nah! Leaving the ‘n’ in place seems to say the concept better. A growdren might be something similar to a hothouse. The ‘n’ infers a degree of pastness rather than a pastime.

Uh-oh! I just thought of something else! I can’t refer to my growndren at all! I only have one adult child. What will become of him? I wonder. My grownson? Getting mighty durned close to ‘grandson’ there.

Whatever the word may be, surely it is not beyond us to conjure it and give birth to this much-needed term.

There’s your challenge class! Be sure to read chapter eight before our next session and come to class prepared to defend your new word choice! Class dismissed!