At the end of one of my recent blog postings, “Not Working” I apologized for seeming so disgruntled and promised to offer readers a more “gruntled” message soon. Thereafter I went on a rant about U.S. media coverage of the presidential campaign, then posted a more hopeful note, “Mindset” about the benefits of seeing things with a more positive frame of mind. This note is intended to be the truly “gruntled” one however, and I’m afraid it comes close to product endorsement.

Let me begin by saying that no one has paid me anything to do this.

I had seen an ad on TV that showed one of those fast-talking, gosh-I-can’t-tell-you-how-wonderful-this-product-is, commercials. It was for a frying pan that had a super-hard finish that would not scratch, nor would anything, I mean ANYTHING, stick to it. The product being advertised was called a Gotham Steel pan. It even showed two hard candies, wrapped in cellophane, being melted in the pan, then showed the plastic/candy mess being effortlessly slid out of the pan, leaving no trace behind! “Okay,” I thought, “all sorts of tricks can be played with editing and secret alterations. That couldn’t be true!”

The Teflon-coated frying pan I had been using was still good, but it was making me a titch uneasy. I could see the scratches in the coating. Whenever I’d scrape some food out of the pan, I wondered if particles of Teflon might be included in my meal. I was convinced enough by the ad to go to my local cookware emporium and buy a pan similar to the Gotham Steel pan, this one called, “Red Copper.” I bought a fairly big pan because if it performed as shown, I planned to use it in my oven when I cook a small roast.

Here’s the good news! It works just like it is supposed to work! Drop a piece of cheese on the hot pan, fry it up, the cheese slides right out of the pan leaving no residue behind! I even gave this pan my toughest challenge. I made rice in the pan! That one did leave behind a starchy coat, but when I went to clean up, the residue just formed a skin-like body and almost raised itself from the pan’s surface! Cleaning it was a breeze! I have yet to cook an oven roast, but since my pan has handles on both sides, lifting it from the oven should not pose a challenge of any sort.

Red Copper or Gotham Steel – either one could boost your happy face too!