I’m trying to keep my head from exploding!

I haven’t exactly stayed quiet about my political feelings regarding the U.S. election. I do hope to boycott election day coverage which is sure to be tense in one way or another. That is the issue that really burns me. That media sources are trying to treat this election as a race between equals, which gives Trump far more credibility than he ever deserved.

I don’t even want to begin to list the dull-stupid, bullshit shenanigans that have been Trump’s calling card all along. Anyone with half a brain can recall a few outrages, any one of which would have derailed the election hopes of any other candidate. Still, because the media feels they must be fair and because a major political party has gone along with this weasel, media just bend over and let Trump do what he does best. He uses them.

What does this do to democracy? Make America Great Again? America was great before Trump’s candidacy debased its democracy with his lies and demagoguery. Whatever base actions he, himself, is guilty of, he accuses the other side of doing, then presents a bizarre account of how one might see it that way. The U.S. election has become his reality TV show!

Some thugs among Trump’s supporters decided to beat up a Republican in the crowd who was carrying a sign that said, “Republicans Against Trump” or some such thing. The stir caused Trump’s security guards to get nervous and they hustled Trump off stage. That’s what happened. Trump and his spin crew then presented the event as “an attempt to assassinate Donald Trump!” Oddly, even though people could see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears what really happened, they seem to be too ready to perpetuate the twisted lies that Trump presents! How does that serve true democratic process?

America is great when it puts forward two viable candidates for president. I was not a Romney supporter, but if Romney had won over Obama, I would have felt that the U.S. would have been in good hands. I do trust Hillary. Presidents and people in power are often called upon to make tough decisions quickly and the chatter between them before such a decision is made is sometimes less diplomatic than it ought to (ideally) be. That’s what she’s guilty of.

Trump, on the other hand, has encouraged his followers to assassinate her! He has suggested that Russia should engage in cyber-warfare against the Democratic Party! He is a traitor to the U.S. democracy and he should have been shunned. Instead, media have treated him as a viable candidate and in so doing, have provided people whose idea of real interpersonal communication was formed by Housewives of New Jersey, Bachelor and Big Brother-style back-stabbing have jumped on board the big Trump river-pickle floating down the Hudson.

It’s crazy!