A friend recently asked me how I felt about events transpiring in my old country. I told him that, like Obama, I hoped the American people would make a wise choice in the upcoming election of their president and congress. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that things in my old country had gone “funny” and not in a good way.

Watching media trying to be even-handed in their approach to things has become as laughable as, well, as laughable as a debate between a Trump supporter and a Clinton supporter would be. It almost seems as if the U.S. has turned its future over to the writers of Superman comic books, and the population is just playing a role, just following the script. Bizarre as that may seem, the writers have given it an additional twist by delving into the episode in which Bizarro Superman has been introduced in the person of Donald Trump, or John Barron, or whatever the golden-haired entity is calling himself these days.

Samantha Bee, in her program, “Full Frontal,” is the only one who really seems to be laying the stark truth on the line. As one media writer observed, Bee “… goes on to explain the painful issue of watching a media trying to present Clinton as equally flawed to Trump—and no matter what your opinion of Clinton is, she is nothing even approaching the flawed monster Donald Trump is.”

But hey! Who am I to try to make my U.S. buddies look up from their fascinating comic book and see the real threats around them? In fact, I think I should add to the script that seems to be playing out to keep them entertained.

Let’s see now, we’ll call one character “T” because one’s a Trump supporter and the other character, “NoT,” because he thinks Trump is a big fat fraud, liar, cheater, stealer, narcissistic megalomaniac, who, like Bizarro Superman, sees almost everything backwards and regularly accuses others of doing the nasty things that he has done.

Here’s how their conversation might go:

T: “Make America great again, elect Donald Trump!”

NoT: “According to Trump, himself, in the last month, he has committed murder, armed robbery and held a hostage for ransom!”

T: “Maybe so, but Clinton got a ticket for speeding in 1971, so she’s a lawbreaker!”

NoT: “You can’t be serious! Those crimes aren’t even remotely the same in nature.”

T: “A crime’s a crime no matter how you attempt to reduce your candidate’s record of criminal behaviour.”

NoT: “Speeding is illegal but it is not really regarded as ‘criminal,’ you know.”

T: “Well she’s got a record and Trump’s not going to let her run away from it.”

NoT: “But he’s admitted to having committed those serious crimes!”

T: “No he hasn’t! That’s just you trying to cover up for her. She was ticketed for a parking violation in 1968, you know.”

NoT: “But, but, murder, armed robbery and kidnapping? What do you say to Trump’s admissions?”

T: “All he did was to “Solve a personal problem,” then he “improved his asset base,” then he “applied persuasion to achieve results.” We could use a man with skills like that in the Oval Office.”

NoT: “But everything he did was seriously illegal, criminal in fact, and he admits it.”

T: “Yeah, but what about her? She has a long record of wrong-doing. Why don’t you want to talk about that, huh?”

NoT: “A long record? Speeding and illegal parking? That’s two, minor violations.”

T: “Yeah but they happened a long time ago and her record is still there. That’s a long record, buddy! See? Why don’t you want to talk about her long record, huh?”

NoT: “I guess I don’t want to talk about it because you don’t have the mental capacity to understand the difference between illegal parking and murder.”

T: “A crime’s a crime. Your candidate has a record. If she’s willing to park illegally, who knows what other crimes she’d be willing to commit? She probably already has committed all the crimes that she accuses Trump of doing. Yeah, that’s it! She accuses Trump of committing crimes that she’s already done. Oh that crooked bitch!”

NoT: “Who knows, indeed! Who knows how you manage to form words?”


I think that’s a pretty good representation of how things seem to be going in the States. Perhaps they should put Bizarro Superman on the ballot. I bet he’d poll well. He’s a problem solver. He has no ties to Washington. But most importantly, like Donald Trump, he has a penis (though it is a bizarro penis.) Watch out!