The mystery of the bra, the shoe, the box of tissue

Mrs. Mae briefly wondered what was going on as she drove home from grocery shopping and saw her son Tyler in the road with a gym shoe in his hand. Their neighbour, Karen, was standing nearby. Tyler moved aside as he saw his mom approach, and she parked her car right over another shoe that was lying in the road. Tyler made a mental note to retrieve the shoe before leaving the scene.

Mrs. Mae got out of her car and quickly pieced together what was happening. Karen’s bra was in the tree and Tyler was trying to knock it down by throwing shoes at it. Karen explained that a rowdy crowd of students had accosted her, emptied her backpack and threw her bra up in the tree.

Tyler spied tissue boxes among the groceries on the back seat of the car. He grabbed two of them to throw at the bra, thinking that their smooth-surfaces would prevent them from becoming entangled too. He was wrong. The first box he threw came to rest upon a fork of branches and stayed there.

Mrs. Mae stopped Tyler from throwing another box, saying that she’d drive them both home. They could come back later, better equipped to dislodge the bra.

As they drove away, one shoe had been forgotten on the roadway. The tottering tissue box fell from the tree in a breeze. The bra remained entangled in the tree. It was a mystery for the next person who might venture upon the scene.
The Solution
Walking home from high school, the two boys both felt that they were too old to be playing such pretend games, but they loved to improvise and to mimic comic, movie or literary partnerships. Without a word of collusion, they came upon the scene and slipped immediately into the roles of Holmes and Watson.

Watson said, “I say Holmes, what do you make of this then, what?”

Holmes returned predictably, “Elementary my dear Watson! The incongruence of three odd objects all appearing in the same place suggests a common source. An open-bed truck carrying unwanted goods to a charity has bounced over a divot in the roadway, just there, as a stiff gust of wind blew. A single shoe and a box of tissues fell out of the truck and the wind blew the brassiere up into the branches.”

“How do you know the truck was headed for a charity and not going to the dump, Holmes?”

“The tissue box, you will observe, though dented upon one corner from the fall, is unopened. People do not generally discard full boxes of tissues, hence the tissues were intended as a gift of sorts, to accompany the used items, there, and there.”

Watson guffawed, “You never cease to amaze me, Holmes!”