(Late 2015)

I make a lot of mistakes in life. Sometimes I even find myself wishing I had a brain. Alas, wishing will not make it come true. I must forge ahead with simple living, trying to fool all, to whom my presence shall come, into believing that there, before them, stands a man capable of conscious, deliberative thought. Some people have told me that I often deliver a very convincing illusion of being a thoughtful man.

So it was that I found myself standing in CO$TCO, contemplating CO$TCO-sized packages of everything, with a request from a close friend to buy a product called, “Better-Than-Bullion.” I was quite sure that I had bought this same product at CO$TCO before, but I could not find it this time. What I did find among the standard CO$TCO, multi-kilogram-sized packages of bullion cubes was a product called “Low-Sodium, Organic Chicken Broth,” packaged in a box that could fit in my car. My feeble brain reasoned that this product must have been brought in by CO$TCO to substitute for the “Better-Than-Bullion” product, as I know that CO$TCO often rotates products, not always offering the same-old same-old.


Well, that disturbing failure buzzer should have gone off in my head, but it didn’t. I went ahead and bought 8 litres (think ‘quarts’ and you’ll be close) of chicken broth. Anyway, the chicken broth got moved into my cupboard because I couldn’t bear to foist them and their expense upon she who had ordered the bullion, or Better-Than-Bullion.

Accidents being what they are, I decided to make the most of my mistake by turning an accident into a “happy accident.” Day one, I made a chicken broth soup. Once the broth was boiling, I stirred in a beaten egg and had a more protein-rich kind of egg-drop soup. Later that same day I repeated the egg-drop soup routine but added many pre-cooked shrimp to the mix. Day two, I decided that I would use chicken broth to poach a couple eggs and eat a kind of poached-egg soup for breakfast. It was gooo-ood. Day three, I got some broth boiling, threw in a handful of pre-chopped coleslaw veggies and several chunks of pre-roasted pork tenderloin for another nutritious and delicious soup.

Yeah, okay, I made a blunder! But happily, I’m so used to making blunders that I can almost always find a way to make them blunderful! I am going through the low-sodium, organic chicken broth and the lo-so organic chicken broth is going through me! I expect to have a broth-free cupboard before the New Year!