Sam said to Joe, “I get confused about so many things these days. I heard someone say that something was ‘as easy as reciting the single-digit numbers’. Then I wondered if I could recite the single-digit numbers, but I wasn’t sure.

Joe replied, “It’s easy, Sam. One, two, three…”

Sam interrupted, “No! You’re wrong Joe. I know you’re wrong because I remember him saying something about getting to nine, so I know there’s a nine in there.”

Joe was miffed. Sam’s interruption had cut-off his simple recitation. “Just be patient and listen, Sam.” Then he began again, “one, two, three, fo…”

“No, Joe, no! I know there’s a nine in there!”

“Sam, you have to wait for me to finish what I’m saying.”

“Well, I wish you’d hurry up and get to the point, Joe. I don’t have all day.”

“Since when, Sam? We’ve been retired now for how many years?”

Sam did some quick arithmetic, then announced, “Nine years! Nine, Joe! See I told you there was a nine in there somewhere.”

Joe silently stared at Sam, gave a big, chest-heaving sigh and said, “You got it Sam! Next time you have a question like that, ask your Smartphone!”