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A Little About Myself

Welcome to  As I Lay Living!

I have created this blog to share my passion for creative writing!  Simply click on this link or click on the “BLOG” tab at the top of the page, or, if you’re on a phone, click the circle with the three horizontal lines to find more choices.  Then you can read any of the 500+ entries I’ve made so far.  Or choose a folder of your interest (Humour, Fiction, Political, Reflective, or that very naughty one, Eros) and explore it that way.

Simply put, I am an older gentleman who has led a full life that has been rich with experience.  I have been a war resistor, a high school art teacher, a television producer, a high school teacher of English as a Second Language and now, a retired senior, still full of good humour, still enjoying life. 

On this site, I have posted articles and essays I have written that are sometimes humourous, sometimes reflective, sometimes political, sometimes simply observations of phenomena.  I hope that my thoughts and observations may touch the human spirit, strike chords of agreement or recognition and perhaps tickle a few funnybones along the way.

A summary of my journey to the present may be read at Bloggography, or the more recent experiences only, Confess-to-Success/.  The title of this blog was taken from the longish (6000 word) autobiographical essay of the same name, As I Lay Living .  If you’d really care to know more than a “little” about me, you may read that tome.  If you read it, beginning to end, every word of it, you will qualify yourself to be called a bona fide masochist! Congratulations!  Read every posting and you will know nearly everything about me.  I hope I’m okay with that!

PS: I have a mystery American reader who seems to be sending me a message of indistinct intent by reading and re-reading only the links contained on this intro page. I am curious. I have written about you, mystery reader (indirectly) so, to help clear up this mystery, please read the link Blog Mystery

and send me a note using the offered address therein!